hello from dane brown
(self-identified clown)
"he & him" if you please
are his chosen pronouns

he did not go to school
is well versed (but won't boast)
this clown learns and thinks
a bit different from most

when he finally felt cool
had done stuff he thought mattered
in forgetting himself
his clown fiction was shattered

so with love from loved ones
and a working-class saint
that clown stripped his coats
of emotional paint

he found out what he's not
and his bags? mostly hurled!
this clown has new eyes
a great love for the world

but the clown is not special!
if we each scale our plaque
we might all have enough
and the wind at our back

dane brown humbly clowns the style of twentieth century master and Laughing Buddha of Compassion and Peace

Hugh Nanton Romney

"keep your sense of humor, my friend!

...if you don't have a sense of humor it just isn't funny anymore" - H.N.R.

dane brown woke up having never gone to sleep in the summer of 01982

according to various systems of assessment he has been categorized as

type five
cancer (taurus rising)
chaotic good

dane sometimes describes himself as a

systems artist / holistic consultant practicing in the mediums of applied understanding and levity (after R.B.F.)

but he feels more like a clown

he collaborates on the development of things that seems like they might be part of the more beautiful world his heart knows is possible

he tries to not speak in absolutes

and there's only one rule
he knows of, babies:
you've got to be kind!

dane brown had the great privilege to opt out of attending public school at age eight because his mom recognized that it wasn't serving him (love you mom!) and their family dynamic allowed for him to be at home during the day

with a hot new dial-up internet connection, a set of encyclopedias, and his library card, dane began drinking from the firehose of recorded human knowledge with total autonomy

as he believes would be the same for any child under ten, the means and freedom to learn about whatever seemed interesting created in him an insatiable curiosity coupled with a deep love of learning

three decades of joyful self-directed studies and an attitude of learn-by-doing have allowed dane to develop multiple aptitudes and areas of understanding

dane brown is an unapologetic generalist with a working knowledge of a broad range of disciplinesΒ°

he understands the work and speaks the languages of:

developers, data scientists, mathematicians, researchers, communication designers, marketers, writers, project managers, and artists

being well versed in multiple disciplines makes connecting elements from potentially disparate bodies of knowledge and holding multiple viewpoints natural, giving rise to a high aptitude for ideation and creative problem solving, especially when working with those who are specialists in their respective fields

an ongoing commitment to the development of self knowledge, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, compassionate communication, and conscious leadership practices contribute to his ability to form genuine relationships and facilitate effective collaboration

Β°areas of understanding include applied mathematics, computer programming (python, r), circuits and electricity, machine learning, data science, social innovation, finance, capital markets, macroeconomics, political science, human psychology, western philosophy, contemporary art, art history, religion, spirituality, ontology, music theory, musicology, communication design, integral theory, group dynamics, general semantics, mindfulness, and self-inquiry